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Busy Saturday!

I did get to do some scrapping, worked on cards.  I’m trying really hard to get better, I figure the more I do them, the more polished they will be. 

Just finished this layout for the latest challenge over at .


Interesting combo, I’m really feeling challenge in a great way by participating in these challenges (that sounds like a mouthful lol).  I’ve been working on my family’s older pictures, this is my dad & mom with my two older sisters, probably around 1960, my mom looks just slightly preggers in the picture.

I had this Urban Lily patterned paper in my stash for most of this past year.  The KI Memories lacy cardstock is new & has been fun to play with!  I splurged a bit on the K & Company chipboard buttons because they matched this week’s color combo perfectly.  Been very addicted to Thickers lately, I can’t get enough, you know you run out of those vowels which means I MUST restock all my Thickers soon :giggles:

In other news, my main excitement for the day is the gently used dishwasher I now have.  My previous one was of the human sort.  I figure this one will be easier to start haha 

We helped our oldest daughter move across town today.  LOTS of work & the hubby & one of my 14 year old boys is still off helping finish up.   The apartment is really nice, I think they will be happy there. 

I am really tired & haven’t much to say so will sign off for now.


Just call me sneezy, seems about once a week I get hit by allergies lately.  NOT fun!

A friend on FH2S posted a really cool site link yesterday, you can, for free, make a font of your very own handwriting!  Now, my handwriting is not lovely in anyway but I love that I can preserve it, as part of me, for my family on layouts.  Without dealing with the carpal tunnel discomfort that comes when I attempt to handwrite anything.

Go to to try this.  It really is easy!  Just download a template, print it, write in your characters/alphabet, scan & save, & the site does the work for you in minutes. 

I did some dustless housekeeping yesterday :giggles: .  I went through every single site I had on my favorites & categorized them into folders.  I now have neat folders for Favorite Scrapblogs, Magazines, & in my ordinary world Recipes.  I say that because the majority of my favorites is of scrapbooking sites.

I don’t have much to say but will share some layouts I recently created.  I’ve been playing a lot with challenges, I found that without a current design team my motivation to really create was sort of stinted.  So, challenges give me something clear to strive for with a purpose.  My favorite is at mainly because they truly are a challenge.  Some of the combos you’d never think of putting on a layout.  But, when it’s finished it looks amazing! 

My last challenge from there:


My favorite technique lately has been tearing.  The paper used here is more of the Black Market paper from a kit from .  Ribbon is from .  The crochet flower & round transparency were from a kit from .  I’ve been loving my Thickers alphas for titles lately, they add so much dimension! 

More fun challenge stuff:


I made this for a use your stash challenge.  The goal was to use eyelets, more then 9 on a page.  I’ve had this Paper Trunk patterned paper forever it seems & it was perfect for this masculine layout.  I don’t do much 8×8 pages but am working on albums of my dad for my sisters to have.  The magnetic journalling square is by Karen Foster.  I recently participated in a Round Robin swap on & found it in the box of goodies. 


This is the result of a “sort of” scraplift on FH2S.  I started with an original to lift but mine took on it’s own style.  It no longer looks much like the original but I love what I ended with!  I dug into my Pink Paislee stash for this one.  The picture is of my granddaughter snuggling up to her aunt Hope.

A Very Sad Week

The week started pretty nicely, my 41st birthday was on Monday. 

I stayed home from church on Tuesday night due to just feeling exhausted.  I went to bed around 9:30 p.m., got up & then took a long nap on Wednesday.  I am glad I did because the phone call I received later that afternoon was pretty devastating. 

My dad passed on Wed. afternoon.  His presence will be so missed this Christmas especially.  Things had not been easy for him the past two years.  He was sober (alcoholic) for over 20 years until about two years ago.  It started out slowly, mostly social drinking but then by the end he was drinking most of his waking hours.  I do suspect there’s more to this story, maybe a terminal illness.  Autopsy results are weeks in coming.

I am doing ok.  I know without having the Lord in my life I’d be a basket case.  I have felt that unexplainable peace.  Not to say anxiety has not been there & I’ve really been irritable. 

A really good outlet for grief & sorrow is scrapbooking.  I have worked at a frenzy on an altered stool for grandchild Chloe who turned two today (awesome, awesome little party at Valerie’s house today!).  She adores Mickey & Minnie so I broke out of my “never use character items to scrapbook with” rule (not really a rule, just something I rarely use lol) & covered that thing with plenty of Mickey/Minnie patterned paper.  Picture to follow, just scroll down on this page.

Early this week I subscribed to a fabulous online scrapbooking magazine called Scrapbook News & Review.  I spent literally hours on Thursday & Friday & was especially inspired by the very talented Debbi Tehrani’s work.  I love her “random memories” pages & decided I’d start a few of my dad.  I love learning more about color so finished a challenge issued by a site she is on design team for called Color Combos Galore ( ). 

My finished item (my plan is to journal here & there when the inspiration hits but design the pages in the meantime & place them in my newly purchased 8×8 books).  Speaking of empty scrapbooks I was SO blessed to find at a local flea market some empty, brand spanking new 8×8 scrapbooks that are perfect to use for the memory books about my dad.  I actually stood there trying to decide whether or not to divert some grocery money to buy 5 of the albums.  Finally decided to do it, each album was priced at 3.00.  Well I bought a lot more then that at the flea market & only was charged 17.00 for the entire lot!  A God thing in my eyes! 

colorcombochallenge951 This is the color pallette used.



I splurged a bit on a pack of gorgeous papers & die cuts by SEI.  Cardstock is by Bazzill, journalling paper is by Making Memories, rub on letters to create the title are by American Crafts.  I need to ask my mom to fill in the blanks on how old my dad was in the pictures I scrap.  For now I’m just scrapping them, then I will fill in the many memories I have spent with him of times that were good.  He was not a perfect person, far from a perfect husband to my mom back then.  But, the years after he stopped drinking we had such a wonderful reconciliation of our family.  My mom & dad never remarried but he was very involved in our lives.  He was a pillar to all of us, so strong.  I got my stubbornness & drive to keep on keeping on from this man! 

Now, happy topic, the birthday girl.  I had such fun creating this for her!  The stool was originally painted lavendar & I had meant to finish it but it sat in my closet for a year lol 

(note:  right after posting this, I submitted it for publication at Ready, Set, Create.  It is going to be featured in the Dec./Jan. issue!  So, if you want a sneak peek, you will need to go subscribe 🙂  I had to remove the image from my blog but it will return in a few months).

A picture of Chloe opening her gift:

Other fun stuff from a fabulous online crop held at  :


Challenge was to use felt on a layout.  I had this picture forever, more of a random picture that I love for the silly factor. 


This challenge was to use a sketch created by Marinka at ScrapGoods for inspiration.  This what I got!  I used up nearly every bit of last year’s Zany Zinnia October kit on this plus added buttons from Walmart. 


This was created from a mini class/challenge to use shaped paper.  I loved this memory, I am now 27 weeks pregnant & chasing after this little guy in the church parking lot at Trunk or Treat was a challenge!  But, it’s a challenge that I find joy in, knowing how hard Jonah has worked to learn to walk. 

I am off now to do some more resting.  Plan for Sunday night is to do some reading, watching Cold Case, & maybe some more scrapping.


Wow, I was offline for a good 6 weeks or so & so much happened during that time!

The first thing of major importance is a new Kelly kiddo.  Yep, #11 is on it’s way.  At first I was shocked, after 4 years of no birth control & no new babies, I figured my time as a mama of newborns was up.  Haha, guess God had other ideas!  Shock then turned into thrill, sometimes mingled with, “oh my gosh, what in the world will we do!”.  Well, in times of deep logical thinking, I know we will do just fine.

Here is a layout I created recently (after a long month of no scrapping) during a fabulous, fall crop at .

I used many items from the September 2008 kit from to create this.  The title was made using my favorite letter stickers, American Crafts Thickers.  The brads are by Making Memories.  This patterned paper is like linen, amazing texture, very unlike paper.   It’s made by Black Market Paper Society.

The crop challenge was to create a layout using 6 photos.  I still have several u/s pics to scrap so will be making a coordinating page to go with this.

For the 20 week u/s pictures, stay tuned, more to come!

More fun stuff created during the RSC crop:



This was inspired by a sketch challenge posted by the fabulously talented Nicole Martel from the RSC Creative Team.  Products:  Winter Kit by The Paper Company which included patterned paper, die cut stickers; American Crafts Thickers; the bracket sticker is by: ??; Ric Rac is from a kit from; scalloped paper (which I handcut) is outlined with Stickles; the metal snowflakes are from my stash & were originally purchased at Walmart; pink dots on the snowflakes Rain Dots by Fiskars; white rub on design by Cherry Arte.  The 2 cuties are my younger daughters, Hope & Rebekah.




This layout was a real challenge.  But, so much fun!  The challenge was to cover your cardstock with photos & then embellish.  I hand stitched around each picture to define the space.  Buttons are by Doodlebug Design; chipboard arrow:  TLC (obviously stash of mine as TLC is no longer a company but runs under a new name); chipboard letters:  why, Thickers, of course!; cardstock stickers:  Karen Foster.  The little gal in the pictures are my granddaughter, Savannah, hunting eggs last Easter.  Kansas springs are unpredictable so it was pretty chilly as you can guess by the heavy winter coat.

Other pregnancy news:  this time around, gestational diabetes was diagnosed very early.  I am thankful it was caught.  It did not take long for me to need insulin.  I don’t mind the shots, baby’s health is really most important to me.  Otherwise baby is growing great & as I type I am 23 1/2 weeks.  Feeling lots of squirming which is a cool thing!

Been a bit MIA

And, I apologize!  I feel like I sort of took a too long break from this blog.  But, it was also needed!  I needed to sit back & decide what direction I was going to go with my scrapping. 

My conclusions:  having a design team break has been refreshing but honestly, I’m ready to start trying out again. 

What have I been up to…..well, in news that often has others sort of gasping or shockingly silent, I am now expecting again.  It was a total surprise.  My youngest, Jonah, turned 4 yesterday.  I’d had one or two undiagnosed very early miscarriages since his birth but other then that not one bit of a close call. 

Back in late May I was preparing for our church’s art camp.  It was to be my first teaching experience (and can I say that it was SO much fun!) so I was a bit stressed out.   I never wrote down the previous month’s time of month.  I only knew that I had to be due by the time art camp did roll around first week of June.  For once I avoided buying pregnancy tests, figuring there was NO way I’d get anything but an evap line if even that.  I did not want to drive myself crazy (I do that enough already :laughs:).  Mid week at art camp I was sure I was starting & even breathed a sigh of relief.  Figured oh good, my “pms” would be over haha!  Well by Saturday I noticed that I was feeling tired & that I’d not officially started.  I went to the flea market, they sell cheapie tests so I bought a few.  I saw my good friend, Jessica there & told her what I was buying.

I went home & middle of the day took the test.  It was immediately dark, before the 3 minutes had even passed!  I thought, nah, this can’t be right :laughs:.  Took another & then the next day another.  I even went to the store & got a pack of the expensive tests.  All were positive but even after having 10 kiddos, I was in denial.  I’ve had sort of surprise pregnancies before but the past few babies were more planned then not & almost expected.  This was not & I’m still sort of in shock lol

But, delight?  Yes!  I just think God knows what He’s doing, He has a plan.

The fun thing about not testing super early this time is that the first trimester literally flew by.  I never got terribly nauseous but needed to nap every day.  I knew that when that passed I was in my 2nd trimester. 

I’m now about 13+ weeks & had my first ob visit last week.  My blood pressure had gone way up early last week & I felt horrible.  I saw the cardiologist nurse practitioner & we increased my metoprolol dose.  That took care of that plus the tachycardia I’d been having. 

My labs were not fabulous.  I had a higher then normal random blood glucose level & so with that my ob nurse moved quickly to refer me to a diabetes center.  I am grateful for that.  I had what was called prediabetes with my last pregnancy but never got referred to anyone & the complications I had were pretty bad.  Baby was born at 37 weeks exactly, lungs immature, unable to suck, yet 8 pounds 8 ounces.  He had so much trouble coming into the world, he was large, settled in sort of transverse which made for a very hard delivery.  I had excess amniotic fluid, he was blue, & by that night he was in the NICU at another hossy.  He is what is called “pervasive developmentally delayed” now.  I don’t know which came first, was it the excess glucose in me that caused it?  Or was he wired differently.  I will never know but do know that if a health care provider had said, you need to take this seriously, I’d been more likely to follow a diet.  I have had diabetes with another pregnancy & since going back into care, you need support to really be able to follow the plan of eating, monitoring yourself.  It’s really not easy!  And, I’m a nurse who has experience with this!  Having this condition ignored last time around made it far too easy for me to do nothing myself, after all no one else thought it was serious.

My diabetes educator has said that with this even prediabetes needs attention.  I’m glad for the care we are getting this time around!  Perhaps it can help me to avoid birth complications this time around.

I will update more later, post some fun scrappy stuff I’ve been doing.  The spaghetti dinner is calling my name at the moment, I can smell garlic, tomato, & pasta, mingling together.  Yum!


I read this scripture in the front of my new Celebrate Recovery Bible this morning.

He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecution, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

Wow, powerful words! If you want to see weak, you need only look at my life. I have struggled (even more so in the past) with feeling inferior to others, not even feeling worthy to do God’s work. But, yet, look at what His word says. I am just amazed at the Grace that Christ offers!

Onto daily stuff, this slide show shows what I’ve been working on for the month of May. I started off May with a fun Scraplift challenge at From Here 2 Scrapternity. I chose a “Simple” design to lift & challenged participants to do the same. That is hard for me, I love to embellish & use techniques on my pages!

I sort of got on an altered clipboard kick & had some fun razzle dazzling simple Office Depot clipboards! The board with the Jesus paper on it is for a friend who works hard for a local organization here.

The other clipboard is one that I created for my mom for Mother’s Day. I already posted about it on a previous post so won’t go into details here.

The “Happy You” layout was created for a friend’s Ad Inspiration challenge on FH2S. It is loosely based on that design & I used the gorgeous Piggy Tales patterned papers from the Baylee’s Hope Box kit from . My baby boy finished his first year of preschool & I took plenty of pictures of his music program!

My very last challenge to post as an Inspiration Team member at From Here 2 Scrapternity is for members to lift something that could be described as “freestyle”. I flipped through my copy of Elsie Flannagan’s “52 Scrapbooking Challenges” & designed my “LOL” layout on an example in her book. After finishing the layout it just hit me how much I love designing pages! I, once again, knew exactly when it was done. I often look at it & think, “wow, it’s done”. Literally. And, it always feels great to have finished something. I may never finish the laundry or the dishes. I will never be done parenting (perhaps done changing diapers but parenting continues on into their adulthood in different ways). But, when I complete a layout & am pleased with what I see, it’s such an awesome feeling!

Thanks for stopping by!
Living in His Grace,


Happy Mother’s Day!

Belated I know but I hope yours was a fantastic one! I hope you were blessed by your family if you are a mom, or that you were able to tell your own mother how much she is appreciated. I know my mom worked so hard for her girls when we were growing up & to this day she still takes care of us, it’s a new way of caring for her family, as we all have our own homes & families, but she is taking care of us nonetheless. I adore my mom!
My mom will get this altered clipboard as soon as I head back into Topeka. I did get to see her yesterday but by the time I had pulled into my sister’s driveway I realized that I forgot to bring mom’s clipboard with me! Grrrr……

I used a kit from for this. The kit is called The Santa Maria & is incredible! Filled with gorgeous papers, embellishments, just filled!

Speaking of which, for Mother’s Day I treated myself to a couple of kits from Scrap For A Cure. One is called “Baylee’s Hope Box” & a portion of kit proceeds are going to benefit a little girl named Baylee ( ) who has Leigh’s Syndrome. The kit itself is just gorgeous!

My Mother’s Day was otherwise uneventful. I had fun singing with FBC Praise. We did not have a big turnout for that but those who were able to make it to sing, rocked the house! It was great!

I came home & slept all afternoon. Then got up, we had a family devotional, then I watched a bit of the Survivor Finale.

The real remarkable day of the week for me was yesterday. My younger sister, Melissa, is in town for a few days & in tow has cute little Miss Abby. We celebrated Melissa’s 30th birthday, belated. The only sister not present was Paula. And, an old friend from my past came! It is a very long story but I guess I have a blog & therefore can ramble if I want to hehe! Years ago when I was in the 5th grade a new girl came to our school. She was in the 6th grade but we were in one of those split classes. We were immediate friends. We remained friends into Middle School. But, then both of us slipped into party life. And, she started hanging out with my older sister Michelle & others in the area. I felt betrayed! And, sadly, I sort of held onto it for years, still feeling sad, abandoned. Not worthy to keep friends.

We did get in touch a few times over the years but her best friend has become my own sister Michelle. That has been hard! Until my life changed. I accepted Christ again when I was 20 years old. Married, with two little ones, I needed Him. I did not follow the Lord very closely over the years. And, even though I said I’d forgiven her I still had the feelings left behind of “well, what was so wrong with ME that I could not keep this friend, who preferred my sister over me”. Over time though without knowing it my heart was healed 100% of what had happened. Last November, as mentioned in my testimony, I had a “heart revival”. That is all I can use to describe it. I somehow now knew what walking with the Lord meant. In a real way! It has been amazing & to have that transformation happen on my 40th birthday was amazing! I have since overcome my overeating. That was pretty cool to let go of.

As a result of overcoming the overeating I have lost 28 pounds since November. And, still counting.

Back to my friend situation, my sister & I sort of cooked up going to see Joyce Meyers this weekend. My mom & sister are huge fans. And, I just love going to uplifting things like that. She mentioned that she was going to bring Jody. I realized at that moment that I was glad for it! I no longer had any issues over this! Not a one.

When Jody came in yesterday the years literally melted away! And, it would never be a case of me snatching a friend back from my sister. One thing I am learning in this new walk with Christ is that there is enough room in a person’s heart for MANY good friends. I think it will be a great time this Saturday.

This realization was so amazingly healing! Last week I had a bad, bad week here at home. Hubby & I were not doing well, I slipped back into depression. Add in PMS, deadly mix. Yesterday was in so many ways like the Lord coming alongside of me & assuring me that this life will be ok. It won’t be easy, but it will be ok! He is here, He is the one who comes alongside of me when I am in the pit. And, He’s the one who pulls me out. Every single time!



Happy May!

Life has been super busy! I had the privilege to attend & support a special benefit concert & silent auction last night for a nurse in Dr. Wynne’s office. She’d overcome breast cancer. She now has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer. And, medical bills have stacked up. So, the office had a concert last night held at Fellowship Bible Church where I happen to attend. I made the following 8×8 album for the auction & was pleased when it sold for 65.00!!

I post the cover photo hesitantly. The color of the album in reality was not that bright a green. It was a nice, muted green.

In other “news” yesterday my family got to take a sneak peek into the new Topeka Hyvee store. I know, I must find joy in the simplest things but it was so much fun to be able to browse in a brand new store! The prices are very competitive, even for Walmart. I’m thrilled because not only does my oldest daughter work in the pharmacy of the store but this store is not located too far from my town of Auburn.

My favorite parts of the store: our credit union is located in the store, the entire upper level of the store has room that you can rent for parties (and have them catered from the downstairs levels including Chinese kitchen) or take a cooking class from Midwestern celeb Chef Alli, & Caribou Coffee is in this store. Yum!

This past weekend was National Scrapbooking Day (well Saturday was) & one trip I did make was into Scrapbooks Etc. in Topeka. I just happened to need to get some more Color Core Cardstock (fabulous stuff might I say, made by Core-dinations) for my silent auction donation. Well, away I came with a tshirt, matching tote bag, free paper kit, Prima flowers (which went away with the album but really jazzed it up a lot!), rub-on’s. Oh, and yet another copy of Layout Blueprints 2 (:laughs: yes, I am enjoying seeing my own work on page 34, I am not a well known scrapbooker like some of the gals in the book with me but admit to a thrill that even just one of my layouts is in there, my kids are loving it too!). Good thing I had a 10.00 off coupon!

In yet other “news” :giggles: I have to somehow raise up 400.00 for dorm fees for my 19 year old son. He is to attend Kansas State University in Manhatten, Kansas this fall. Ouch! Dorms are the way to go, it really is a pretty good value in that they are fed well, have laundry facilities, & a good place to sleep. But, every single thing is just amazingly expensive! I am happy to help him in whatever ways we can because he really is working hard & is not spending time partying or wasting his educational time. He has done really well at Allen Community College & will soon receive an Associates Degree.

Busy, busy Monday ahead of me. I have packages to mail out, a project to finish, business cards to print for my scrap-for-hire biz, kids to feed, house to clean. Wowza! But, life is a very blessed place to be right now :*).

April 2008 Inspiration Team “work”

Before Topline-Creations switched gears & got rid of the direct sales, consultantship aspect of the company I decided to sponsor the Inspiration Team at . I don’t regret doing it, not one bit! We all had a wonderful, creative time using the kits & Chatterbookz for the month of April.

I kept the Runway Salt & Pepper kit for myself as well as the Adore Chatterbook. One of our assignments was to create a layout about ourselves. It could have any number of pictures but had to be just about us. I chose to talk about my roles. Mom, wife, artsy gal, nurse. My favorite role of course is that of “child of God”.

Another assignment was to do a layout with three photos. One needed to be 5×7 or larger. It needed to use as much of the kit contents I sent (I also sent buttons & ribbon along with the TLC products) as possible. And, it had to have visible doodling. I did find this a challenge but in meeting that challenge I really feel that I sharpened my doodling skills! And, had so much fun with it! I think now I’m a more confident doodler then before 😀 I chose to get more wedding photos scrapped. This is my oldest daughter, Valerie, marrying her best friend, Max. He’s an awesome son in law, dad, husband!

Lastly, I turned the Adore Chatterbook into a baptism gift for my 10 year old daughter, Hope. She chose to be baptised yesterday in a very beautiful ceremony at our church, Fellowship Bible, Topeka.
I did not scrap any of the pictures from yesterday in this particular album but wanted to place various photos that I felt showed her personality & vibrance. I also included a few scriptures that I felt hit home. And, an excerpt from; an article about baptism. The products I used to complete this little project were varied: TLC Runway Slumber Party papers, Making Memories journalling papers, buttons from Walmart, Stickles glitter “glue”, felt flowers by Prima, ribbon from, cardstock stickers from Heidi Grace, stickers by Kelly Pannaci, vellum scripture stickers (unsure of the brand), and basic craft paint from Walmart. I also chose to do some more doodling throughout. I often just use regular office pens by Uniball.

In other “news” haha, I got to see Expelled yesterday with a dear friend of mine, Laura. It was really a good movie! One part that was hard to watch though was the shots of Ben Stein touring through one of the concentration camps from the Holocaust. The imagery brought to life the horrors of what happened back then. It hit me so hard that in another country, in another time, my little boy, Jonah, may have been deemed unfit for life by some. That just brought such sorrow to my heart. I cannot imagine what horrors had to have happened to so many back then. The movie was not so much focussing on that but in showing this, it did provide food for thought that life can be such a slippery slope.

I highly recommend the movie to anyone.

I do have the Monday morning blahs. Usually Monday brings a fresh feeling of joy to me. I love starting over a new week, getting back on routine. But, we did have some conflict last evening & there are unresolved issues still here at home. I know God’s good for the challenge, to Him it’s not even a challenge to take things & turn them around for good. I trust Him, just the getting there is rough.

My son, Chris, got me hooked onto Lost. From the beginning of the show I knew it was a show I’d enjoy. But, by the time I decided I wanted to watch it, it was well into season two. So, I made a decision to wait until it came out on dvd. And, here it is. Chris works for Blockbuster & can rent movies for free each week. I am now on the 2nd dvd. And, hooked!

Well that’s all for now, I still have some waking up to do. Yawn…..

The Shrinking Woman & More Scrappiness

Well I did my weekly “run” to the local flea market (for you in this area, head out to Forbes Field, Topeka area, well worth a trip!). I spotted the KU tshirts right off. I found out how much they were, 6.00 each. Can’t beat it! And, the logo is uber cool, different then what’s sold right now. So, at the risk of being the scorn of my darling hubby, son Chris (a Kstate student this fall), & son, Tim, who is also on the anti-KU bandwagon, I snatched one up. First held up the 2x, WAY too big, don’t want to dress in bags forever :laughs: . So, I took a chance & got the large. And, just put it on. Wowza, it fits! I got on the scales this morning to find myself sitting happily at 190!! I am thrilled!

Last October I bought a Pirate Princess costume on clearance thinking I’d set a goal to fit into it by 2008. Our church does a big “Trunk-or-Treat” thing & I want to do a pirate theme for our van. The costume is a 10/12. I am currently fitting comfy in 16s. I was sure I’d not be able to do this, after all, how many times have I bought something to set a goal & failed? Well what changed was me. Not long after rededicating my life to Christ & feeling the Holy Spirit really start to move in me, I noticed that I no longer desired to eat for emotional reasons. I was shocked to be healed of this, I have tried for years to stop! I started overeating right after my twins were born, about 13 1/2 years ago. At the time the babies were colicky, hubby had been back to work from a lay off, & so I spent time out in the car. Got into the habit of going to McDonalds drive thru. All the time….just to get out & go somewhere. My favorite things were a regular coke, cherry pie, Quarter Pounder, large fries. Yep, that’ll do it!

I did manage to lose some of the weight here & there, but regained it because the core issues were never dealt with.

Until this past year. I am very excited!

And, in addition to this I am looking into Lasik eye surgery. With my vision changing, my contacts no longer feel very comfortable. There are drawbacks to the surgery & it does sort of “weird” me out. But, it’s mere moments in my life that will pass quickly & be worth it! With our genetics too, we can count on having to buy glasses for at least a few of our kiddos.

Scrappiness: mojo has remained, yay! I’m at the moment working on a couple of Inspiration Team projects. This will be my last month as an IT member, it has been a lot of fun! Very inspiring :giggles: . I enjoyed meeting so many other Christian sisters who share this love of scrapbooking! Pam & Linda run a fantastic site & it’s been a joy to serve there for the past 8 months.

The biggest highlight of my weekend is to be my daughter’s baptism tomorrow. She chose to do this, in our faith, we believe in baptism after belief. She chose to do this as the next step in her faith after salvation. I have a friend “hired” to take pictures & I cannot wait to scrap them!

Wow, lots of photo ops this week. Wednesday my other daughter is turning 12. I’m amazed at how these kiddos just sprout! Before you know it they’ve gone from itty bitty baby, new to the world, right up to adulthood :sniff, sob: I would not trade it for the world, I am so blessed to have a chance to participate in the growth of 10 children.