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I have a lot of catching up to do here since having the new baby! 

I’ve really enjoyed the past month of being a Creative Team member for  I have a lot of fun projects to share & want to invite those who are interested in scrapbooking their faith to come over & play along. 

One challenge I am having fun with is the “My Prayers for You” challenge.  We are creating projects (mine is a card system, like a rolodex but I’m using Zsiage’s product called the ScrapODex to make my prayer cards for my kids) with scriptures & prayers for loved ones. 

godswordcardThis card is from week one.

praycardThis is the reverse side of the card.

Week 2 card (both sides):



We are also doing a “God Loves You” challenge.   I am finding it invaluable to reinforce that God does indeed love me.  I know it of course but scrapping about it just helps me to “hide it in my heart” & I’ll have it to look back on in my own 8×8 book.


Other fun stuff:  well the best news is my last!  Baby Nathan arrived on January 22, 2009 at 3:59 p.m. via surprise csection.  I’d been in the hospital for a couple of days due to rising blood pressure.  I had just gotten dressed (in pj’s of course lol) for another day of relaxing when the nurse came to the door & said that the Dr. would like to go ahead & get the induction done.  I was glad but also very nervous!  All was ok to move forward though, after all the previous Friday I’d had an ultrasound & baby was head down then.  Haha!  Little did we know.

I got an epidural pretty early on which turned out to be a good thing.  That epidural would have been so good for a regular birth!  It took well. 

Dr. Dahl came to break my water & I was only at 2 cm. dilation.  That would prove to be a good thing too.  I am glad that I had not gotten further because when she checked me she realized that there was not a head pressing on the cervix, it was little piggies!  She did give me the option, being that I’d given birth 10 times previous, to attempt a regular birth.  I said no that I did not feel confident to do it.  We went in for the csection at that time. 

It was sort of scary but exciting too.  I was glad to not have had to labor for hours on end but my blood pressure dropped during surgery & that felt SO funky!  Scary!  They administered some meds for that which made me lose my cookies pretty quickly.  Then I lost a lot of blood.  And, again, that felt scary.  Course then after he was born they pumped in the morphine & oh boy I was drunk lol  I just stared at that beautiful baby, realized he was PINK (my previous child had a very low apgar score & did not look good at birth, he was not healthy 😦  ), I was just giddy!  During the surgery itself I prayed out loud, I was pretty scared with the b/p drop & all of it. 

All in all it went well, baby Nathan is healthy, at 2 weeks he is doing just great!  He was 7 pounds 10 ounces, way below my own predictions.  I was insulin dependent diabetic during the pregnancy & the ultrasounds predicted him to be large.  He was just 20 inches long.  It’s fun having a tiny baby, my big babies were fun too but this is new for me.  Four of my little ones were smaller then “normal” for me.  Normal for me is 8 pounds on up lol 

Here is a little slide show of him in his first week.  I am doing the Becky Higgins 365 type of album for him, taking a picture a day (at least lol).  I don’t have her kit, they are hard to come by & I don’t think I want to spend hundreds of dollars on ebay lol  I have an album already, got some 4×6 page protectors from Pebbles, Inc. & plan to get their baby journalling cards & paper set made for this type of project. 

Having a baby in the house is tiring, that’s for sure!  I’d gotten spoiled by 3 1/2 years of sleep lol  But, I would not trade it in the for the world!  Sleep will come again.  Little babies grow up so fast.  I’m enjoying this little guy so much! 

Oh I have to share, my younger sister is now a digital scrapbooker.  I dare say she’s already a designer with a talent!  She created this adorable layout for Nathan. 


This page designed by Melissa Evans.  Background paper, orange paper used for the arrow, and orange ribbon is by Anne Langpap of 2peas-from a freebie set called Citrus freeze.  Alpha is from Steph Broccolo’s Monkey House kit purchased from Scrap Outside the Box.  Star is from Kim Crothers,   Brads are a digital freebie from, designer Eva Lindquist.

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