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Been a bit MIA

And, I apologize!  I feel like I sort of took a too long break from this blog.  But, it was also needed!  I needed to sit back & decide what direction I was going to go with my scrapping. 

My conclusions:  having a design team break has been refreshing but honestly, I’m ready to start trying out again. 

What have I been up to…..well, in news that often has others sort of gasping or shockingly silent, I am now expecting again.  It was a total surprise.  My youngest, Jonah, turned 4 yesterday.  I’d had one or two undiagnosed very early miscarriages since his birth but other then that not one bit of a close call. 

Back in late May I was preparing for our church’s art camp.  It was to be my first teaching experience (and can I say that it was SO much fun!) so I was a bit stressed out.   I never wrote down the previous month’s time of month.  I only knew that I had to be due by the time art camp did roll around first week of June.  For once I avoided buying pregnancy tests, figuring there was NO way I’d get anything but an evap line if even that.  I did not want to drive myself crazy (I do that enough already :laughs:).  Mid week at art camp I was sure I was starting & even breathed a sigh of relief.  Figured oh good, my “pms” would be over haha!  Well by Saturday I noticed that I was feeling tired & that I’d not officially started.  I went to the flea market, they sell cheapie tests so I bought a few.  I saw my good friend, Jessica there & told her what I was buying.

I went home & middle of the day took the test.  It was immediately dark, before the 3 minutes had even passed!  I thought, nah, this can’t be right :laughs:.  Took another & then the next day another.  I even went to the store & got a pack of the expensive tests.  All were positive but even after having 10 kiddos, I was in denial.  I’ve had sort of surprise pregnancies before but the past few babies were more planned then not & almost expected.  This was not & I’m still sort of in shock lol

But, delight?  Yes!  I just think God knows what He’s doing, He has a plan.

The fun thing about not testing super early this time is that the first trimester literally flew by.  I never got terribly nauseous but needed to nap every day.  I knew that when that passed I was in my 2nd trimester. 

I’m now about 13+ weeks & had my first ob visit last week.  My blood pressure had gone way up early last week & I felt horrible.  I saw the cardiologist nurse practitioner & we increased my metoprolol dose.  That took care of that plus the tachycardia I’d been having. 

My labs were not fabulous.  I had a higher then normal random blood glucose level & so with that my ob nurse moved quickly to refer me to a diabetes center.  I am grateful for that.  I had what was called prediabetes with my last pregnancy but never got referred to anyone & the complications I had were pretty bad.  Baby was born at 37 weeks exactly, lungs immature, unable to suck, yet 8 pounds 8 ounces.  He had so much trouble coming into the world, he was large, settled in sort of transverse which made for a very hard delivery.  I had excess amniotic fluid, he was blue, & by that night he was in the NICU at another hossy.  He is what is called “pervasive developmentally delayed” now.  I don’t know which came first, was it the excess glucose in me that caused it?  Or was he wired differently.  I will never know but do know that if a health care provider had said, you need to take this seriously, I’d been more likely to follow a diet.  I have had diabetes with another pregnancy & since going back into care, you need support to really be able to follow the plan of eating, monitoring yourself.  It’s really not easy!  And, I’m a nurse who has experience with this!  Having this condition ignored last time around made it far too easy for me to do nothing myself, after all no one else thought it was serious.

My diabetes educator has said that with this even prediabetes needs attention.  I’m glad for the care we are getting this time around!  Perhaps it can help me to avoid birth complications this time around.

I will update more later, post some fun scrappy stuff I’ve been doing.  The spaghetti dinner is calling my name at the moment, I can smell garlic, tomato, & pasta, mingling together.  Yum!

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  1. * Lacintha says:

    congratulations darling!
    I’m so happy for you..I just saw your ticker at SNS, and raced on over here to say “congrats”.. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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