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Happy Mother’s Day!

Belated I know but I hope yours was a fantastic one! I hope you were blessed by your family if you are a mom, or that you were able to tell your own mother how much she is appreciated. I know my mom worked so hard for her girls when we were growing up & to this day she still takes care of us, it’s a new way of caring for her family, as we all have our own homes & families, but she is taking care of us nonetheless. I adore my mom!
My mom will get this altered clipboard as soon as I head back into Topeka. I did get to see her yesterday but by the time I had pulled into my sister’s driveway I realized that I forgot to bring mom’s clipboard with me! Grrrr……

I used a kit from for this. The kit is called The Santa Maria & is incredible! Filled with gorgeous papers, embellishments, just filled!

Speaking of which, for Mother’s Day I treated myself to a couple of kits from Scrap For A Cure. One is called “Baylee’s Hope Box” & a portion of kit proceeds are going to benefit a little girl named Baylee ( ) who has Leigh’s Syndrome. The kit itself is just gorgeous!

My Mother’s Day was otherwise uneventful. I had fun singing with FBC Praise. We did not have a big turnout for that but those who were able to make it to sing, rocked the house! It was great!

I came home & slept all afternoon. Then got up, we had a family devotional, then I watched a bit of the Survivor Finale.

The real remarkable day of the week for me was yesterday. My younger sister, Melissa, is in town for a few days & in tow has cute little Miss Abby. We celebrated Melissa’s 30th birthday, belated. The only sister not present was Paula. And, an old friend from my past came! It is a very long story but I guess I have a blog & therefore can ramble if I want to hehe! Years ago when I was in the 5th grade a new girl came to our school. She was in the 6th grade but we were in one of those split classes. We were immediate friends. We remained friends into Middle School. But, then both of us slipped into party life. And, she started hanging out with my older sister Michelle & others in the area. I felt betrayed! And, sadly, I sort of held onto it for years, still feeling sad, abandoned. Not worthy to keep friends.

We did get in touch a few times over the years but her best friend has become my own sister Michelle. That has been hard! Until my life changed. I accepted Christ again when I was 20 years old. Married, with two little ones, I needed Him. I did not follow the Lord very closely over the years. And, even though I said I’d forgiven her I still had the feelings left behind of “well, what was so wrong with ME that I could not keep this friend, who preferred my sister over me”. Over time though without knowing it my heart was healed 100% of what had happened. Last November, as mentioned in my testimony, I had a “heart revival”. That is all I can use to describe it. I somehow now knew what walking with the Lord meant. In a real way! It has been amazing & to have that transformation happen on my 40th birthday was amazing! I have since overcome my overeating. That was pretty cool to let go of.

As a result of overcoming the overeating I have lost 28 pounds since November. And, still counting.

Back to my friend situation, my sister & I sort of cooked up going to see Joyce Meyers this weekend. My mom & sister are huge fans. And, I just love going to uplifting things like that. She mentioned that she was going to bring Jody. I realized at that moment that I was glad for it! I no longer had any issues over this! Not a one.

When Jody came in yesterday the years literally melted away! And, it would never be a case of me snatching a friend back from my sister. One thing I am learning in this new walk with Christ is that there is enough room in a person’s heart for MANY good friends. I think it will be a great time this Saturday.

This realization was so amazingly healing! Last week I had a bad, bad week here at home. Hubby & I were not doing well, I slipped back into depression. Add in PMS, deadly mix. Yesterday was in so many ways like the Lord coming alongside of me & assuring me that this life will be ok. It won’t be easy, but it will be ok! He is here, He is the one who comes alongside of me when I am in the pit. And, He’s the one who pulls me out. Every single time!



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