Vicky Kelly’s Scrappy World

Happy May!

Life has been super busy! I had the privilege to attend & support a special benefit concert & silent auction last night for a nurse in Dr. Wynne’s office. She’d overcome breast cancer. She now has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer. And, medical bills have stacked up. So, the office had a concert last night held at Fellowship Bible Church where I happen to attend. I made the following 8×8 album for the auction & was pleased when it sold for 65.00!!

I post the cover photo hesitantly. The color of the album in reality was not that bright a green. It was a nice, muted green.

In other “news” yesterday my family got to take a sneak peek into the new Topeka Hyvee store. I know, I must find joy in the simplest things but it was so much fun to be able to browse in a brand new store! The prices are very competitive, even for Walmart. I’m thrilled because not only does my oldest daughter work in the pharmacy of the store but this store is not located too far from my town of Auburn.

My favorite parts of the store: our credit union is located in the store, the entire upper level of the store has room that you can rent for parties (and have them catered from the downstairs levels including Chinese kitchen) or take a cooking class from Midwestern celeb Chef Alli, & Caribou Coffee is in this store. Yum!

This past weekend was National Scrapbooking Day (well Saturday was) & one trip I did make was into Scrapbooks Etc. in Topeka. I just happened to need to get some more Color Core Cardstock (fabulous stuff might I say, made by Core-dinations) for my silent auction donation. Well, away I came with a tshirt, matching tote bag, free paper kit, Prima flowers (which went away with the album but really jazzed it up a lot!), rub-on’s. Oh, and yet another copy of Layout Blueprints 2 (:laughs: yes, I am enjoying seeing my own work on page 34, I am not a well known scrapbooker like some of the gals in the book with me but admit to a thrill that even just one of my layouts is in there, my kids are loving it too!). Good thing I had a 10.00 off coupon!

In yet other “news” :giggles: I have to somehow raise up 400.00 for dorm fees for my 19 year old son. He is to attend Kansas State University in Manhatten, Kansas this fall. Ouch! Dorms are the way to go, it really is a pretty good value in that they are fed well, have laundry facilities, & a good place to sleep. But, every single thing is just amazingly expensive! I am happy to help him in whatever ways we can because he really is working hard & is not spending time partying or wasting his educational time. He has done really well at Allen Community College & will soon receive an Associates Degree.

Busy, busy Monday ahead of me. I have packages to mail out, a project to finish, business cards to print for my scrap-for-hire biz, kids to feed, house to clean. Wowza! But, life is a very blessed place to be right now :*).

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