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The Shrinking Woman & More Scrappiness

Well I did my weekly “run” to the local flea market (for you in this area, head out to Forbes Field, Topeka area, well worth a trip!). I spotted the KU tshirts right off. I found out how much they were, 6.00 each. Can’t beat it! And, the logo is uber cool, different then what’s sold right now. So, at the risk of being the scorn of my darling hubby, son Chris (a Kstate student this fall), & son, Tim, who is also on the anti-KU bandwagon, I snatched one up. First held up the 2x, WAY too big, don’t want to dress in bags forever :laughs: . So, I took a chance & got the large. And, just put it on. Wowza, it fits! I got on the scales this morning to find myself sitting happily at 190!! I am thrilled!

Last October I bought a Pirate Princess costume on clearance thinking I’d set a goal to fit into it by 2008. Our church does a big “Trunk-or-Treat” thing & I want to do a pirate theme for our van. The costume is a 10/12. I am currently fitting comfy in 16s. I was sure I’d not be able to do this, after all, how many times have I bought something to set a goal & failed? Well what changed was me. Not long after rededicating my life to Christ & feeling the Holy Spirit really start to move in me, I noticed that I no longer desired to eat for emotional reasons. I was shocked to be healed of this, I have tried for years to stop! I started overeating right after my twins were born, about 13 1/2 years ago. At the time the babies were colicky, hubby had been back to work from a lay off, & so I spent time out in the car. Got into the habit of going to McDonalds drive thru. All the time….just to get out & go somewhere. My favorite things were a regular coke, cherry pie, Quarter Pounder, large fries. Yep, that’ll do it!

I did manage to lose some of the weight here & there, but regained it because the core issues were never dealt with.

Until this past year. I am very excited!

And, in addition to this I am looking into Lasik eye surgery. With my vision changing, my contacts no longer feel very comfortable. There are drawbacks to the surgery & it does sort of “weird” me out. But, it’s mere moments in my life that will pass quickly & be worth it! With our genetics too, we can count on having to buy glasses for at least a few of our kiddos.

Scrappiness: mojo has remained, yay! I’m at the moment working on a couple of Inspiration Team projects. This will be my last month as an IT member, it has been a lot of fun! Very inspiring :giggles: . I enjoyed meeting so many other Christian sisters who share this love of scrapbooking! Pam & Linda run a fantastic site & it’s been a joy to serve there for the past 8 months.

The biggest highlight of my weekend is to be my daughter’s baptism tomorrow. She chose to do this, in our faith, we believe in baptism after belief. She chose to do this as the next step in her faith after salvation. I have a friend “hired” to take pictures & I cannot wait to scrap them!

Wow, lots of photo ops this week. Wednesday my other daughter is turning 12. I’m amazed at how these kiddos just sprout! Before you know it they’ve gone from itty bitty baby, new to the world, right up to adulthood :sniff, sob: I would not trade it for the world, I am so blessed to have a chance to participate in the growth of 10 children.

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