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Passion & Feeling Rather Artsy

First of all, this post is about passion. But, not in “that” way :giggles: .
I got to thinking on what passion means to me. I’d had a sheet of Scenic Route rub-ons for some time & one of the words on that sheet is “passion”. I figured it was time to use it. I had just ordered some past kits from & was so inspired by the sheet of Basic Grey Mellow “Flavorful”. It is sort of mellow, yes, but also has a real funky, floral feeling about it. So, I’m rubbing my hands in glee at the idea of handcutting! And, I sat there, listening to my music (I love to scrap with Hillsong playing) & putting together the idea of passion & what that truly means to me.

I looked up the meaning of the word. Ironically it has an element of spiritual to it. Passion of the Christ is one meaning. The definition I have chosen is this: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

Now, I do enjoy good coffee, especially from my favorite local coffee shop, in Topeka, KS. World Cup Coffee makes the BEST Low Carb Kicker. Peanut butter fused mocha with a couple of extra shots of sugar free chocolate topped with whipped cream. Yummmmmmm…….. But, am I passionate in the truest sense of the word? No, I just like it a lot & love going there anyway to support my fellow Christian sister & brother. And, I just learned (duh moment :laughs: ) that our very own Sarah Leftwich at my church who leads the worship in such an amazing, gifted way, is their daughter! This shop has awesome memories for me too. A group of us ladies from a women’s Bible study spent a lot of time there just chatting, praying, studying God’s word. Many times……

Passion to me is not even just related to a physical relationship with a husband. Yes, there can be passion in that.

As Vicky, I am deeply passionate about my faith. I love the Lord. I am also passionate about prayer. I feel that I have developed a gift in the area of intercession & prayer & that is why I do feel overwhelmed at the needs of others who are hurting. I love to spend time, a lot of time, with the Lord in prayer! It is an amazing time & one thing I have stumbled upon is that I need not even be in a specific room, at any specific time, or at church to make prayer legitimate. I used to box myself into that idea. That if I was not up at 4 a.m. praying in my bedroom all alone, then by golly I was not really praying right. Now, if you do feel led to get up & do that, then that is probably what you should do. As I really had my “heart revival” last fall around my 40th birthday, I started to sense the spirit’s leading in this area.

Not long after that I slowly added in music to my life. I’d always enjoyed listening to it but as I have talked about before in my testimony to others, I was so shy about my voice. I had this silly idea that I was too nasally, not good enough, might look silly if someone saw me jamming to the Lord in the car. Well the Lord melted my heart on that & the more I did it, the better my voice did get. I’m no Sarah L. but I think the Lord has brought me to an area of life that is a true joy for me. I realized that worshipping in music could be a form of prayer. And, I often find myself just singing along, then stopping at a break, praying back to the Lord what I just sang, singing some more. And, so on. I feel His presence SO much in singing! It is no longer based on how the music sounds. It is about communion with Him.

I am passionate about prayer, worshipping in music. I also feel a passion to raise my children to know the Lord, help them to cultivate their relationship with their maker. To honor Him. To me, this is not about how they dress, how they wear their hair. Yes, those things are somewhat important. I think it’s just not a good witness to be scroungy. Clean up, smell decent, don’t make people want to run from the scenes holding their noses :giggles: . It really is a heart issue. Where is your heart? I happen to love tattoos. I would like to have a small one put near my ankle (yep I know it’d hurt but you are reading the words of a woman who has given birth 10 times). I have double ear piercings. Would not mind more. My kids have at various stages had longish hair. But, as I’d like for them to care for the body that God gave them as His temple, I want for them to also have a clean heart.

I am passionate about caring for my youngest. For me, just looking at him inspires me. He is a blessing in the most amazing way! He does not formulate thoughts as we do. I don’t know the extent of his differentness (I do not like the term disabled, if you think about we all are disabled, we are sinners). I know it’s probably on the Autism Spectrum. But, the beauty that God created in that little boy amazes & astounds me! He is a loving kid. He loves to lean his little face into mine & we stare into each other’s eyes. Then he starts to giggle & pats me hard on the head! Ouch! I just love it!
During the first year of having him I would feel such sorrow for what he’d not be on this earth. Now I am finding myself rejoicing in what he is on earth. I know someday he will walk to me in heaven & he will have full restoration of him. But, that he will have the same spirit he now has is a wonderful thought too!

Well that brings me to another passion. I really love helping others. I became a nurse back in the early 1990s. I was never really fully sure as to why the urge was so there. But, it was. I knew back when I was tiny I’d give my little Baby Tenderlove shots with my mom’s sewing pins :laughs: . That doll had so many holes in her body! I knew I had empathy for others. That’s always been within me. I never really loved math or science until I got older & was able to relate it to a creator. And, I fell in love with science! I think that my love for science was buried because I really did veer off course in my teens & even into being a young mom to Valerie. Even now the urge to learn more, go back to take some classes, is so there! I am still praying that if the Lord wants me to take some classes towards becoming an RN, then He will do the leading. I’d love it, I know I enjoy learning.

For now, I am a stay-at-home mama. I have added on the title of work-at-home mama. Since November & just really coming closer to the Lord, I felt even more urgent about helping others. I have a lot of experience unfortunately that has shaped who I now am. I say unfortunately because that does include sorrow for my sins. I was a pregnant teen, gave myself away without waiting for marriage, tried drugs, partied, then as a young mom was not a great mom even though I deluded myself into thinking I was. My first set of kiddos (Valerie, Chris, & Tim) really got my practice, Mom101 school of life side. I wish it were not true. I was not abusive but often just stayed too busy, too busy to sit down & make crafts with them. Too busy to go outside & really play with them. Too busy to pray with them. Too lazy & self centered to do any of that that I now consider to be important elements to my own mothering.

I have always loved art, creating it, loved to scrapbook. When my mom showed me a scrapbook she made in the 1950s, I knew I wanted to do what she did. So, I did. And, that started a lifelong love. Yes, scrapbooking is now what I’d call a passion! It has helped me to appreciate God’s creation. As I capture photos of my family, nature, look back at older photos, think about what we were doing at that time in our lives, even designing a balanced page with just the right elements, & the journalling; well all of this just opens my eyes to appreciate what an awesome God we have! He created the colors of the rainbow & all the flowers that inspire the very papers I work with. He created the idea of design & balance that I try to use in creating my work. He wired my brain in such a way that I love having dried paint & glue all over my hands. I love reading His word & thinking on it while I add it to my work. I love meshing my faith with my art. And, oh wow, I love blessing others with it! Love to give a page away & have someone go, wow, this is something that means more then a million dollars!

So, this very passion, has led me to start selling my work. I have heard so many times this: “I am just not creative enough to do that”, “wow, how do you do it?”. Or “I just don’t have the time to do this”. I knew that sellers on ebay were creating a nice living for themselves in selling their work. But, I wanted mine to be unique enough. And, I dragged my feet on the idea. I got very busy with working on various design teams, doing my own thing, pursuing publication. And, I loved every moment of that (still do!). But, the idea would not leave my mind. I think my poor husband started to disbelieve that I’d ever act on it :laughs: .

Then I got involved with the start up of a ministry called Celebrate Recovery, at my church. Both Tom & I have been involved at another local church & it’s been such a vital part of our healing for so many things. I originally went out of obedience to God, not really thinking *I* was one of them who might need it. I stayed after that first meeting. I knew that this went beyond my therapist at Grace Connections suggesting I go. This was where I was to be! They had not dragged me there! The Holy Spirit had! And, the people were just so open & loving. Not once have I ever felt like an oddball at CR. I may have ADD, OCD, depression, anxiety, be an adult child of an alcoholic, & be the wife of someone who struggles with sex addiction but my sisters & brothers in Christ at CR see the heart. This has helped me to view others as well in the way that God sees us. Those beautiful people at CR have learned to see others as God sees us. What a gift!

Knowing how much this ministry has helped pushed me to use my love of singing & music & prayer in some way at our new CR group. I know with a church filled with about 1000+ attenders, there are hurting people. Statistics alone, aside from the Holy Spirit just giving me that feeling, would say this very thing.

We went to leadership meetings. Little did I know that I’d be considered a leader :laughs: . It’s a great thing that I did not realize that when we joined the start up planning meetings, I’d have had the urge to run FAST & run FAR :giggles: .

Something that is vital to any ministry is funding. We are going to all be unpaid staff at CR. But, nearly everything on earth requires some sort of funding. So, the Lord impressed on me that if I’d just start this little biz idea of mine to rolling, & gave a portion of proceeds to CR, He’d bless it. I was not sure that 20% was the right amount, it was the amount I had impressed upon my heart. I kept thinking, are You sure Lord? Why I am so goofy as to question such direct leading of God, I do not know! It is not like He’s going to change. He is neverchanging, same yesterday, same today, & will be the same tomorrow :laughs: but yet I continue to say, wait Lord, that’s a lot of money. hehe!

Indeed 20% is the amount. I started sort of telling others what I was doing. And, showed a bit of my work to one gal at CR. She immediately decided to order four mini albums. One of which I just completed. Getting a good routine has been my biggest challenge. My “studio” is my entire house. I keep my supplies in our little bedroom but often work at the kitchen table, the computer, the van, you name it. Well it’s easy peasy when the kids are off to school. But, when they are home, it’s often as if the enemy is just working overtime to try to keep kiddos bickering, things piling up so I can see them & get stressed. Not that I am to ignore my mom/wife duties. But, I know I AM to work harder at getting more family involvement in them doing their part. This is aside from this home biz. It’s what THEY need to learn to be productive, caring adults.

This is my first item I have created for my biz. The album is one that is lazer cut locally & sold at Scrapbooks, Etc. in Topeka. It comes unfinished & that is where the fun starts! I covered it with various patterned papers, cardstock, & embellishments. The ribbon is from one of my favorite sites.

Back to the topic of my passion for this art. I think the process itself is one of the most satisfying. I often think about scrapbooking, planning in my head, sometimes I’ll jot down ideas. Then I gather supplies, at least the basics. If I am creating a page or layout, that means just cardstock, patterned paper, & photos. I figure out my design, put that together & it is often in that where I become very inspired & decide what else I will use. I love buttons, sewing, & ribbon. Textures bring a project to life! Sometimes I get “stuck” so lay an item aside, move onto something else, then come back to the first item. Then I work until I “know” that it’s finished. That happened with the above album. I knew it was done & that felt wonderful!

So, yes, I am feeling very artsy today!

Thank you for reading thus far, have a blessed day!

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