Vicky Kelly’s Scrappy World

Are You a Dedicated (or addicted lol) Scrapper?

I think I officially qualify now!  Who else would go outside in the cold winter of Kansas, on freezing cement, with bare feet to set up a mini photo shoot of patterned paper?  Then decide the first set of pictures was just not “good enough” so go outside with more props & rearrange the paper again lol  Yup, I do believe I’m officially addicted! 

In defense of myself I am in the process of applying for a creative team.  And, part of the application process involves writing a review of product.  And, include corresponding photos. 

And, my camera, much as a I love it, takes far better pictures outside in the natural light.  Less chance of blur, I can use that cool close-up setting.  I am almost betting though that if I eventually learn the rest of my camera settings I’ll master how to get good quality indoor pictures.  But, then again, where’s the challenge in that???  Hehe! 

I am really proud of this project I just completed.  It was 100% just for me.  It will come in handy when applying for the above mentioned creative team but this one was a true labor of love.  I am so pleased at how it turned out!  And, thank you to Katie from Savvy N’ Sassy whose Mini Class I followed on how to utilize those awesomely cool coffee sleeves you can find at Starbucks in the US (Timmy’s in Canada).  I did have to adapt it a bit as I had not kept a few of my coffee sleeves :gasp:  I used a restaurant coaster from a few months ago when my 19 year old son worked at Red Robin :drools at the thought of those scrumptious Blue Ribbon Burgers, oh my!:  He wound up with a nice little stack of them.  The pages were a bit shorter but I feel it adds to the unique feel of the album. 

My product list is very long, I kept grabbing stuff from my stash.  I’m not going to list it on this blog but will list it when I post it on 


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