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Weight loss & daily stuff

After once again getting that remark “I did not know you were expecting again” I decided that I am going to jumpstart the weight loss program again.  I have lost 11 pounds in the past 2 months just changing medications but it has moved very slowly.  Slow & steady is key, I know, but sometimes you have to give things a kick in the backside you know?  So, it’s eating only when really hungry, as low carb as I can stand (which I find pretty easy anyhow), & more movement!  I plan to be very real in this so here are my stats:  size 16 (gag), 209 pounds (gag again).  I do plan to change this!

Scrappy stuff:  today I splurged on the Basic Grey kit Romani.  I have eyed it for awhile and as my design team “pizza box” from Scrapbooker’s Club House was not yet here, I was dying to play with something new & funky.  It fits the bill perfectly! 

I’m looking forward to watching Survivor tonight.  Survivor & American Idol are a couple of my weaknesses.  I love the challenges on Survivor & watching the dynamics of all of the different relationships. 

Today’s weather was absolutely beautiful!  Very mild, no wind.  I did not get out to enjoy it much aside from a trip to Hobby Lobby as well as Super Walmart. 

Today was somewhat boring but boring is sometimes good! 

Happy scrapping!

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